Several different sponsors are available in various locations across the United States.

Dialysis Clinics in Florida

GER has joined forces with the healthcare industry and the most prestigious dialysis facilities in Florida in order to provide centers with experienced and highly educated Registered Nurses and to introduce international nurses to a solid and experienced US-based sponsor to help them secure an immigrant visa and a job position within their organization.

Farms in South Florida

Additional Sponsors

  • George’s Chicken, Edinburg, Virginia
  • Victory Processing, Gainesville, Georgia
  • PrimePak, Gainesville, Georgia
  • Bell and Evans, Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania
  • Abbyland Goods, Abbotsford, Wisconsin
  • George’s Processing, Springdale, Arkansas
  • George’s Processing, Cassville, Missouri
  • Turkey Valley, Marshall, Minnesota
  • Dakota Provisions, Huron, South Dakota